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Childrens Product Certificate

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The full name of the CPC certificate is Children's Product Certificate, which is a children's product certificate. Children's products, mainly designed or used by children aged 12 or below, such as toys, children's clothing, and baby products, must comply with the standards or regulations under the US Consumer Product Safety Regulations or any other CPSC mandatory regulations (Children's Product Safety Regulations), and must be tested and certified in a third-party laboratory recognized by CPSC.

The CPC certificate and product testing report must be in English.

Content of CPC certificate

1. The product identification covered by this certificate

Can provide a sufficiently detailed description of the products covered by this certification, and the certificate matches each product it covers (rather than other products).

2. This product complies with each CPSC children's product safety rule

The certificate must identify each applicable child product safety rule.

3. Information of domestic manufacturers or importers in the United States

Company name, address, and phone number within the United States.

4. Personal contact information for maintaining test result records

Provide the names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of personnel who maintain test records to support authentication.

5. Manufacturing date and location

For the manufacturing date, provide at least the month and year (or the starting month and year of consecutive batches). For the manufacturing location, at least provide the city (or administrative region), state (if applicable), and country of product manufacturing (finished product assembly).

6. Testing date and location

Provide the testing date or report, as well as the testing location.

7. Identification of laboratories recognized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the United States

Provide laboratory authorization number, name, complete mailing address, and phone number.


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Childrens Product Certificate




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