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Self-service confirmation of the authenticity of the certificate report:

Date:2024/1/11 16:12:14 Hits:

In response to the national call to protect the ecological environment and advocate low-carbon environmental protection, Huake Laboratory canceled the paper certificate report and changed all to an electronic certificate report.

Disadvantages of traditional paper-based reporting:

Modified, forged, inconvenient to circulate and store, not environmentally friendly, not economical;

How to prevent counterfeiting of electronic certificate reports:

Encrypt the report with a digital certificate (CA): it has the authenticity, uniqueness, and anti-counterfeiting verification function, conforms to the "Electronic Signature Law of the People's Republic of China", and has the same legal effect as handwritten signatures and seals.

Digital Certificate (CA) Encryption Report, How Can Customers Get Verified?

All the real certificate reports issued by HUAK are displayed in the upper left corner of the certificate report:

Verified by "Shenzhen HUAK Testing Technology Company Ltd, HUAK", the certificate is issued by "SHECA G2". This signature is unique, if it is not this signature, it is forged, please contact the HUAK customer service center as soon as possible.

Software: Adobe Reader (11 and above) required

The digital certificate is displayed on the certificate report as follows:


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