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European Standard:
IEC 61000-4-3
Radiated, Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test
Suitable for electromagnetic field radiation immunity test of electrical and electronic equipment,
It specifies the test level and necessary test procedures
China Standard: GB/T 17626.3
Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity test
Radiation immunity test
Emission testing is related to the product.
Immunity (Immunity) is related to phenomena, and the radiated immunity test belongs to the immunity of continuous phenomena. Electrostatic discharge and surge belong to the immunity of transient phenomena.
Level               Test field strength V/m
1                                   1
2                                   3
3                                  10
4                                  30
X                              Specific
Note: X is an open level
Wiring requirements:
The cable is exposed to the electromagnetic field for a distance of 1 meter.
The cables between the surfaces of the object to be measured should be arranged as follows:
Use the cable and adapter type specified by the manufacturer's trademark. If the manufacturer’s specifications require the cable length to be less than or equal to 3m, then the indicated length should be used; the cable should be bundled into a 1m length harness. If the marked length exceeds 3m, then the part in the electromagnetic field should be 1m long, and the other abnormal parts should be decoupled with a ferrite ring or a decoupling device. The cables should be placed parallel to the direction of the electromagnetic field to minimize immunity.


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